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Fritzons Ltd - Accounts, Bookkeeping & Payroll Services - Morden, Surrey/London

Tel: 0208 401 8698                                      Mobile: 07948 721 267                               Email: [email protected]

VAT & VAT MOSS Returns

Value Added Tax (VAT) is the third largest source of government revenue after Income Tax & NI. All businesses that provide taxable goods or services with a turnover of £85,000 or above in a 12 month rolling period must register for VAT.

As from 1st January 2015, EU VAT rules change for those selling digital products and services to Europe

EU VAT will be charged in the country where products are bought as opposed to the country where they are sold. The legislation applies to digital products only, such as e-books, online courses or downloads.

If your business supplies digital services to the EU, Fritzons can help you can register for the HMRC VAT Mini One Stop Shop (VAT MOSS) scheme.

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Our VAT services include:

VAT Registration

VAT MOSS Registration

VAT Administration & Advice

VAT Reconciliation & Submitting

VAT MOSS Reconciliation & Submitting

VAT EC Sales List (ESL)